4-22-24 by dave

It was still pretty cool this morning, with a breeze blowing keeping the break from going off too fast, but when the wind stopped the break happened very quickly. Mineral Basin was offering the softest quality from the word GO and there was a lot of stoke for the smooth lines that were fun to really get after. That due South aspect just above the the Mineral Basin Chair was back country delightful and let you dial in a round sweet feeling run top to bottom. A real treat to start out the day. On the front of the hill, it took a bit longer for the break to go off, but dialing in the tenderized lines offered the best traction and quality turns.

The Morning Crew atop a Lewis and Clark adventure, where the corn goodness was wonderful and demanded numerous laps.

Tomorrow, look for the beginnings of changes in the weather for the rest of the week. We’ll have to see if there is cloud cover, but I am hopeful for another sunny morning for the continuation of the Spring quality.

A Tram Cam shot of me waving at the world caught by Tom and Betty checking out the local roster that was making first Tram.

Coverage remains excellent top to bottom with great lines on all sides of the hill. Mark Malu and Regulator are the last to break, so keep that in the back of your mind for timing of line choices. IBBY!!!

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