11-28-22 by dave

The front held off until 1:30PM, but up on the mountain it was blowin’ and snowin’ to beat the band. There was 4″ of fresh Essence on top of the firm base layer which was quite crunchy and variable in the very marginal visibility. Staying with the trees was best, so as to have some reference points in the blowing snow environment. Low angle aspects were feeling the best for consistency as the steeper sections required a careful and deliberate approach.

Jake sent this great shot of the Trams crossing at mid mountain. These new cars are riding great and feel so smooth.

Tomorrow, look for another storm day as the flow is still coming out of the West and the accumulation should be significant. Expect cold and a slow start with mitigation efforts being performed on the hill. Today’s density was just right, and I’ll bet it continues to be just right as the temps are cold and will stay that way. The coverage is excellent, however, with the new accumulation, those features that were evident these past days will be getting covered. Glad I got a good look at all the aspects before this installment got started. IBBY!!!

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