11-29-22 by dave

17″ of fresh Essence covered the dance floor this morning, which was cold dry and totally blower for all the faithful who showed up for the festivities. The density was around 7or 8% but seemed a bit denser with the wind work that affected it. Some aspects were totally blower light, but others took a full throttle fall line approach to power blast through the medium. There was plenty of depth to buffer the old substrate, but here and there that crusty layer echoed it’s presence.

Mikey M leaving trails of glory out on Baldy when the Peruvian Gulch opened.
Mark Harath digging deep and power blasting the goodness with unmitigated audacity!!
Dr. Tom working his magic and raisin’ a ruckus in morning Sun. Super deep!

More and more sections of the hill opened, offering everyone a share of the sweet, sweet product. It did not take long for sections to get worked over, but the cold dry consistency and low Sun angle made for dialable Blastitude. No lines on the lifts made getting back at it fast and fun. Tomorrow, look for the groomers to have been worked and will be offering stellar quality for your Ligety Laydown turns, and the off trail will still be offering plenty of options, so keep your eyes open. More areas are waiting in the wings, so it is still going to deliver an amazing window for more epic lines. Big shout out to Mikey M and the gang for sending shots that really represent!! Straight Ahead!!!

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