4-10-16 by dave

A few Millimeters of a smooth frosting was delivered overnight that made the Groomers velvety soft.  I could not get over how just a light coating of product could enhance the quality as much as it did.  Mineral Basin was my call to start, with White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper offering the big line to the bottom that boosted the stoke level markedly in the variable light.  Lewis and Clark lines were equally deluxe.  I tried out the Peruvian Gulch and found, there too, the small accumulation made those lines delightful and calling for more laps.  The Gad side of the hill, while it too had been covered, was very firm, so I stayed with the goods until the other side broke.  Here is a shot of the Valley bathed in Sun while the clouds clung to the peaks.  DSC03744The Sun did break out now and again, with a brighter dose as the clouds cleared off later in the day.  Softening did occur on all sides of the hill, with that sorbet feel making the turns feel great underfoot.  With the colder overall temps., the quality lasted most of the day and only the very low elevations became a bit thick with the melt.   Tomorrow, look for more Spring conditions, with continued unsettled cells moving throughout the day.  The hill is in great shape, with full coverage wall to wall, and fairly smooth off trail lines easy to negotiate when the pack breaks.   Even thought you might be tempted to opt for a later start to the day, the morning sessions have been offering good fun from the First Tram if you are so inclined.  More Cowbell!!!

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