4-11-16 by dave

The temps. still had a nip to them for the first Boat, but Mineral Basin was offering hot laps with a soft granular consistency that kept the pace fast and fun.  Lewis and Clark was also offering the goods, with that last pitch to the Mineral Chair feeling back country steep and smooth.  Here is a shot of the Morning Crew all assembled during the first exploration lap of the morning. DSC03746The Sun was a great feature as the visibility was full technicolor bright, and the turns were carvaliciously deep.  On the Peruvian side of the hill, tenderizing efforts made the main line to the bottom feel granular and soft while the Gad side was still holding the firmness until the softening went off.  Regulator finally broke around Noon, with that sorbet feel that made it a lap after lap sensation.  I always pretend I am hitting the North West aspect of  Red Baldy that has the exact same characteristics that Regulator offers, but without the serious approach issues involved in getting to that back country drop.  It was not until around 1:30 PM. when the lower elevations began to become thick and slushy, but the higher elevations held up for the better part of the day as clouds moved in and out, keeping the quality from degrading with the burning Sun.  Tomorrow, look for another great day of Spring conditions, with the usual around the clock approach that will keep you in the Sorbet Zone for the better part of the day.  Coverage remains excellent, and when the hill finally does break, the off trail is worth exploring for those out of the way lines that you may be spying.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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