12-09-19 by dave

There was a solid turn out for the goods this morning. The hill had been dusted with a couple of inches of additional grauple, and with the overnight wind work, the upper mountain was smooth consistent and really excellent on any aspect you chose. I worked that Upper Primrose Path section I did yesterday, which was still holding up with smooth, soft, perfection that was a real treat this early in the season. Both sides of the hill were offering great blastable lines that lived up to the weather hype. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting a righteous face shot on the Eddie Mo traverse, which was avoiding detection for most of the day.

Mikey M. getting all of this perfect response of the pack to the turn he was dialing in. It was like that most of the day.

After the morning session, the Sun began to burn through the clouds, making for some spectacular lights in the sky. It was pretty trippy, with rainbows and sun dogs all around the Sun. Here is a shot I took on the peak with some very interesting optical anomalies.

Cosmic lights in the sky made the afternoon session a thing of beauty. This effect kept changing with the movement of the clouds over the peak.

Tomorrow, look for more excellent off trail lines, though it is beginning to stiffen a touch with such high moisture content. The Groomers will be offering amazing Carpets Of AHHHHH on both sides of the hill. The Grooming Crew and Snow Making Crew have been doing a great job of building the base in all those places it counts. Look for some sections of Gun Powder for the morning session as there should be numerous silky lines of freshness under the guns. See you there for the smooth carpets and wide open lines. Dial it up, Dial it IN!!!

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