1-10-11 by dave

This morning was cold, cold, cold as the Tram doors opened on the peak for the first run.  A slight 1 CM layer of lake effect fluff covered the playing field, making the Groomers feel like perfect ultra deep.  Once again, perfect is perfect, no matter how deep the essence is.  The Sun was fully illuminating Mineral Basin, where some steep and rocking shots had been buffed, providing an incredibly luxurious ride.  I throttled back on the steep sections, pretending I was skiing the Red Baldy Drainage, and absorbed as much of the sweet  consistency as I could.  The North facing aspects still are offering the smoothest substrate and blastable crud.  The South, West, and East facing is still harboring the rough crustiness that make a very rough ride indeed.  Tomorrow should be another great high speed rock and roll day, with a predicted break in the weather before the next installment arrives later in the week.    I think the  cold temperature will continue to be an issue, so be sure to dress for the condition, paying special attention to exposed skin.  I got zapped again today, when I slacked on my nose covering.  When will I learn?   There is no telling, though if I haven’t learned yet, I have only myself to blame.  And to think, the last of the dead skin just pealed off my nose from the frost bite two weeks ago.   Pain instructs!!  See you dark and early in the AM.  IBBY!!

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  1. michael cole says:


    Saw you at the Bird last week now I’m at the Little Concrete Canyon
    (NYC): its 8:30 am my office, dreaming of the morning star over the hidden peak last week: it still should be in the same relative position at sunrise–how about a shot!

    great to see your comments

  2. Paul Kessler says:

    I enjoyed reading your updates Dave! Let’s stay in touch. Cold as a witch’s butt here in Northern Colorado too.

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