1-11-11 by dave

Ballroom dancingAs the photo I am posting indicates, there was ballroom dancing on the Tram and the hill this AM., as there were few takers for the top to bottom, wall to wall, excellence the Groomers provided.  Once again the Grooming Crew did an outstanding job of working over the big vertical drop, which had to be experienced to be believed.  I could not get enough.  I had to slow down again to get as much of the velvet essence that I could shave off  each gesture to the fall line.  The North facing was still worth the effort if you wanted some off trail shots, but the real dancing was on the buffed pitches.   The temps. warmed up as the day progressed, becoming almost balmy as the 3:00 PM. bell went off.  By that time I had maxed out my vertical quota and made some mental notes about the day.   Tomorrow,  look for continued Groomed sweetness to be a guarantee, though the visibility is the wild card in it all.  In any case, you can trust the consistency 100%, so an aggressive fall line commitment is not a problem.  I went looking off the beaten path finding variable crunchiness covered by the recent softness.  Not bad skiing really, but a bit tough on my knees.  The temps. are predicted to moderate as we go into this next few days, so the frost bite hazard may back off a touch.  I tried to do a Tango on the Tram this morning, but there were no takers. I tried!   It is going to be another rock fest so be there to get the charge going early.  Peace Out!

8 Responses to “BALLROOM DANCING”

  1. Joe Snow says:

    what kind of vertical does the guru pull on an average day?

  2. dave says:

    I conservatively get 30,000′ a day, more on a vacant day.

  3. Big John says:

    Dave, it was my pleasure to meet you and your friend up at the Beav during the Christmas Holidays. Really enjoy reading your site and keeping up on the mountains transformation. Looking forward to getting down in the near future. Small world, talking to Steve with whom I’ve worked with for years, and the puzzle coming together ever so slowly. Keep up the good work, think snow!

  4. Brother Jay says:

    Try the Cha Cha next time 😉
    Can’t find your link on the The Bird’s web site

  5. Partier P says:


    Do you have a recommended path (i.e., lifts and runs) for those new to Snowbird? We’re from California, and will be there this weekend.


  6. dave says:

    Hello, You are in for a treat! Start out in Mineral Basin for starters, as that is such a great area. If the visibility is bad avoid that. Chip, Road to Provo, and Regulator will give you a good look at the more interesting terrain. There are hosts to show you around if you would like. Get excited!!

  7. One of the ira's says:

    All right. Seeing is believing. I’m coming out after a stop in Mesquite for the Blue Skies Boogie. Hope it doesn’t snow and ruin the Tango

  8. buck says:

    Is this Alta. Not a single boarder boot in the Ballroom.

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