6-17-15 by dave

The new peak facility is shaping up quickly.  I took a Tram ride to the peak to check things out after a gracious lunch at the Forklift where Neil was showing old archive photos of the early years of the Bird.  There were shots of architect renderings of the Plaza and a future look, and surprisingly, most of the model has been realized.  The Cliff Lodge expansion far exceeded those visions and is still ahead of it’s time.  Here is a shot of the structure where the progress is most evident.   DSC03044Sub grade work continues on the surrounding deck with the excavator and articulating truck digging out the area for the footings and foundation for the external deck. This is going to be great getting off the Tram. DSC03043There is still quite a bit of snow up high, and it was kind of inviting, but the sun cups and debris on the slopes were problematic, so I did not harbor any ideas of getting ambitious, however, there were some tracks out in Mineral Basin.  I visited with the Disney Princesses – Poccahontas and Rapunzel who were visiting the Bird for the first time.DSC03042  They were blown away with all the activity and terrain they saw on the trip, and I suspect they will return to see what a real deep powder day at the Bird has to offer.  I just though you would all like to see the progress, and it looks like they are well on the way to an on time opening for next season.  More to come, but in the mean time, I am busy getting the DEEP SPACE TRANSMISSIONS at the Trailer.  Things are getting very interesting.  Peace Out!!

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