Saturday Corn

5-09-09 by dave

That’s right I was actually present on a Saturday.  Folks noticed and asked what the deal was, so I’ll just say that it is the last couple of days left of the regular season, and I thought I would take advantage of a beautiful day to get a first hand taste.  Tasty it was, as the expanded grooming included  a re-till of all the major runs giving them an edge-able surface.   Mineral, of course, was softening soonest, but the peak temp. was still none too balmy.  The cold overnight air set things up for the morning, making the re=till effort all the more welcome.  Good skiing was available from first Tram on.  Flawless blue skies and very light winds were just icing on the cake.  The softening began around 11:00 and turned the nice to great as the corn morphed into a dessert like sherbet.   Regulator was the last to go off at 12:00 Noon , but was very slow getting to that sweet stage.  All the better, as the goodness lasted that much longer.  By 2:00 PM the glue spots cropped up in a few locations, so I called it to spare my knees.  Tomorrow’s forecast looks very much the same and the timing should  be close too, so plan you attack accordingly.  The Off trail held off longer today as well , but suffered some damage from late tracks left in the slush from yesterday.  The smooth goodness is gone ,but a few spots still hold some good lines.  The Tram line was moving briskly with walk-ons the rule, although lollygagging would cost you a red light, so for a back to back program a good pace was a factor.  This time of year,though, who’s worrying.  Should be good fun tomorrow so see you early!!!

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