Mother’s Day

5-10-09 by dave

Today is Sunday and it is Mother’s Day.  Did you remember?  Good!  My Mom  was the first to put me on skis when I was 5.  The skis had straps that went over your galoshes.  We had a small hill in the back yard and she taught me to shuffle around and climb the hill with a side step.  I still use those techniques every day, so thank you Mom!  Today was a day a Mom could be proud of.  The groomers were buffed and expansive.  Mineral Basin went off early, as the overnight temp. was a bit warmer and the morning warmed up rapidly.  11:00 AM was the magic number for front side softening and 12:30 PM saw Regulator beginning the process.  The lower mountain was very sweet and stayed nice for a long time.  I called it quits when the cat tracks began to get the glue spots going, but the pitches were still happening well after that.  The Trams were full, however, a back to back program could easily be maintained with an effort, if you were so inclined.  High clouds moved in and filtered the sun a tad, but that did not cool things off much.  Well that is the last day of the regular season, though I did hear a rumor about another week perhaps.  Check the Web site in the AM for an update.  So it is time to hook up the trailer and pull it up to the high desert,  all the better to get those TRANSMISSIONS.  Great season, hope you all had fun.  We will do it again next season, until then keep your foil hat on whenever possible!!

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  1. Michael Brill says:

    I’m really glad you undertook “Guru Dave’s Snow Reports.” As I’ve told you, I’ve enjoyed them very much. And by the way, they have been spot on.
    Thanks and have a great summer season,

  2. George says:

    Thanks Dave really enjoyed the blow by blow day by day see next season !!!!

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