1-15-15 by dave

The Groomers were rockin’ smooth this morning with some of the most sublime wind dusted lines covering the corduroy in places.  With a slight delay in the opening of Powder Paradise, the call was for a front of the mountain assault on the buff.  Though Lower Primrose Path did not get a fresh till, it still offered dry smooth chalk, with loose dust to sweeten the ride.  When Path to Paradise opened it was just as good as it gets, letting you dial in any amount of edge angle you could imagine.   Here is a shot of the goods waiting for the rope drop.  The off trail areas, though still soft and consistent, were a bit bouncy as the chop has been building.  With all this Sun, those aspects that get the full faceDSC02454will be getting wet and sticky in the afternoon.  On the front of the Mountain, where the Sun is still not shining directly, the dry chalk is still holding up strong, though there is an increase in the low amplitude rumble and a build up of interference pattens in the very heavily traveled sections.  Out of Area Touring opened today, just a couple of days after the storm and I took advantage of the window to get a look see over the ridge into White Pine.  Here is a shot of the Birthday Chutes looking well covered, but there was a wind crust on those aspects in this shot, and it required finding just the right angle to find the goods.  DSC02458Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to once again be offering the sweet smooth lines that will get you digging deep into the turns.  The off trail will be crusty on those aspects that saw a lot of Sun, and should be avoided until warming occurs.  The temps are very comfortable, and I was driving with the top down all afternoon.  What a treat.  Be there for the Sun and fun on tap for the day.  Speed safely!!

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