1-16-15 by dave

It was sunny this morning out in Mineral Basin, out ahead of a cloud deck that was staged to move in later in the day.  The Groomers back there were so sweet, with Lower Silver Dipper offering that super G feel all the way down.  Fresh lines were to found on the front of the mountain as well, with the fresh till of Lower Primrose Path the high light of the day, as it had that dry chalky dust sitting in the gut.  How sweet it is.  I took my WINGS out for the first time today to take advantage of the light traffic on the hill.  It was smooth cruising top to bottom.  As the clouds moved in the light went flat, making the details hard to make out.  Lines close to the trees gave you the best visibility and that dry chalk was holding up to the colder temps.  Here is a shot of the lower section of Silver Dipper looking as fast as it was.  DSC02453Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be offering Hydro Velvet perfection on all sides of the hill.  I think there might be a dusting of freshness if these clouds are holding any moisture.  There is a Free Ride Competition being held over on the Rasta Chutes section of the hill.  It should be fun to watch.  Off trail, the crud is setting up and is quite bouncy, though with today’s wind, we might see some significant transport to fill in the troughs.  That could change the complexion of things nicely.  I always look for the wind buff.  I am taking the day off to get some work done on the antenna array.  Got to keep those TRANSMISSIONS coming in clear and strong.   Syrup won’t stop ‘ EM!!

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