1-17-15 by dave

Today dawned a sunny Saturday contrary to the weather dude’s forecast.  That was a treat for those who made it up to the hill today.   2” of freshness graced the dance floor to freshen up the ride for the faithful who showed up for today’s festivities.  The Groomers were offering the smoothest lines on the hill, but there were a couple of wind lines to be found on the High North.  I was off the hill today to rest up for the coming week and get recharged.  Here is a shot of the last light on Hell Gate as it fell one afternoon as I was leaving the hill. DSC02438 The light in the Canyon does some amazing things if you happen to be there for that perfect moment.   Tomorrow, look for another day of great sliding on the hill, with stellar Groomers on all sides of the hill, and dry chalky lines on the front of the hill.  Off trail is still very nice and worth the time to poke around to find what is going on, but there is that rumble that is wide spread, which will make you have to suck up the vibrations.  Also be sure to check out those fresh steep Groomed runs that have been worked on the hill, as they are back country perfect.  That steep dry chalk is hard to beat.  I will be there for the opening bell, so see you then.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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