2-07-15 by dave

The temps were unbelievably warm today here in the valley with the temp. hitting 69 Degrees here at the Trailer.  Freaky for this time of year indeed.  Up on the hill, a cloud deck moved off early, leaving clearing skies and great conditions after yesterday’s wind event.  Sumptuous wind lines were available on many aspects with the low guts holding the most product.  The wind had backed off and the Tram and all lifts were providing the lift to the goods. The Groomers were great as well, but the outlying off trail lines were the place to be today.   Here is a shot of one of the rock outcroppings that I always think would make a great shot, but I am always late breaking out the camera and miss it.  This time I had it out to get shots of the wind yesterday and snapped this one.  I love the lichen on this rock, and I will try to get a better shot when the Sun is higher in the sky later in the season, so that it has better definition. DSC02549Tomorrow, look for the wind lines to be holding up for at least another day.  There may be some weather moving through with this flow pattern.  It was raining at the base at 6:00PM when I called my inside connection for a breakdown of the day.  That might make for some crispy crud off trail on the lower aspects in the AM.  I will be out and about looking things over for tomorrow’s report.  See you dark and early for the exploration.  Stay Frosty!!

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  1. marie says:

    NOt bad for April.

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