2-06-15 by dave

The wind was off the charts huge this morning, keeping the Tram closed for the day, but the chairs were up and running to make up for it.  I was looking for wind lines, as the overnight wind had placed some very nice lines that were as good as it gets.  Now, the Wind Giveth and the Wind Taketh Away, so there were sections that had been thoroughly stripped to the crust layer.  Some lines were wind buffed smooth with sections of crust  in between to negotiate.  The Groomers were  also affected in much the same way, but where the wind was bringing the goods, those Groomers were literally epic.  I do not like to use that word “epic” lightly,  but so it was in this instance.  The High North was the big recipient of the wind loading, with some of the lines I have been avoiding becoming a special treat.  Here is a shot of the wind whipping the peak with gusts to near or beyond 100MPH.  DSC02546Tomorrow, look to the High North for the best lines on the hill, however, other lines in Mineral Basin and other low lying catchalls will also be favored with the wind work.  The Exotic Trees will also have been getting filled as the wind blows up and out of White Pine, so be sure to look there for some much improved conditions.  There is weather in the forecast, so expect cooler temps, but not by much.  Even though it was very warm today, that wind was very chilly, so dress for weather.  The Free Ride Competition is going off this weekend, so be sure to stop by and be amazed by the serious talent that has descended on the hill.  It will be a very impressive event.  I will be taking the day off for some R & R, so go get the goods that are waiting.  Conditions are really good, despite the hubbub about it not snowing, and you should have no trouble getting some giggles going.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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