4-09-14 by dave

The temps were fairly warm this morning, with only the most superficial freeze overnight,  but the usual super hard faces were still very crispy.   Mineral Basin was offering the first softness of the day, as White Diamonds had been buffed out, as well as lower Silver Dipper, making that back section the place to hang while the front side had a chance to mellow out a bit.  It did not take long for the back to get too soft, and it was a matter of staying up with the thaw as it clocked around the hill.  Very smooth machine worked lines came alive when they started to break that hard morning quick freeze.   There was a very short window to get the goods, as Regulator broke it’s shine around Noon, and it did not last long before getting sticky.   Mark Malu was the last section to hold the cold, and staying high up on the hill kept you close to the goods, as the lower mountain was very sticky and grabby.  Tomorrow, look for another  great morning of spring sliding fun.  The back bowls will be first to go off, and you can follow the break as it clocks around the hill.  The High North is still holding the cold feel, but as we move further into this warm spell that is going to change.  I will keep you posted on the changes.  Here is a shot of the smooth lines outside the boundary lines, setting up some corn for the next time it opens up.  Syrup won’t stop ‘ EM!!DSC02037

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