4-10-14 by dave

Though the temps seemed warmer this morning, the wind dropped the feel of the air to the degree that I thought I was under dressed for the morning festivities.   With the front side of the hill ultra crisp, Mineral Basin offered very nice lines on the prepared Groomers that felt smooth and easy.  The big drops had been prepared out there, so that first hour was golden.  The Front side began to break, but needed a bit more time, so I rode the Forklift Chair to let the hill soften.  After breakfast the hill was just beginning to break, and it was easy to take advantage of the short window of granular delights, before the warmth began to work the product.  By 1:30 PM all of the aspects had been hit, with even the High North feeling the ambient warmth.  It was wise to stay up high when the lower mountain got too sticky, with The Road To Provo holding the cold the longest.    Tomorrow, expect another very crisp morning, with Mineral Basin still offering the goods for the early risers.  You will not be disappointed with the quality back there as the front gets thawed out.  Tenderizing efforts are being employed on the main runs, so good traction is available on the front side, however, do not expect Regulator to have much going until Noon.  There is a Free Ride Competition being held on the Peruvian side of the hill, so stop and check out the kids throw down.   I saw a couple of runs today and was impressed with the charge factor.  Here is a shot of the wildlife that can be found out on a Lewis and Clark sojourn.  This little guy was not expecting us to be there and was trying not to be seen.  See you for the morning fun.   Ciao!!DSC02034

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