8-31-14 by dave

A cold front moved through over night, bringing the first real feel of fall in the air.  This quick change will moderate in the next few days, but this really signals the ride toward the Winter Season.  I got back to town after a very interesting journey to the far reaches, where I visited with folks I have been remiss in visiting.  I had a great time and saw friends I had not seen in many years.  It is always nice to make contact and see the changes.  Up on the hill, the top facility is shaping up quickly and more of the structure’s extent can be seen.  Here is a shot of the concrete walls and foundation lay out.  DSC02225On the ride up the Tram, I took this shot of Jaws without it’s cover of snow.  This illustrates the stark extreme nature of the Upper  Cirque.  It is amazing to think about charging this piece of the hill.  I don’t even like to get close to this drop without snow.  DSC02223Oktoberfest is in full swing with a really big turn out for the festivities.  The Cristy’s Sports ski shop has it’s entire stock of last year’s new skis and boards on sale at Must Have prices.  Now is the time to buy for the Winter.  There is also a large selection of outer wear available, also at great prices.  Here is a shot of just one section of the Wall of Skis just waiting for you to snag a pair or two.  DSC02220Out on the deck was where all the festivities were going off.  I ran into two friends I have known since my very first year all those years ago.   Art was yodeling and playing the accordion at the first Oktoberfest I experienced back in ’76.  He also was the Tram operator during that year as well.  I haven’t seen him in many years. Also, here is my good friend Louie, who is 93 this year.  He gave up skiing just 3 years ago when he was 90.  It was great to seem him here during the Summer.  DSC02226DSC02227It would not be Oktoberfest without all the great beer and wine that was flowing all over the deck.  Here is the a shot of the beautiful Felice in her finest Oktoberfest costume serving the wine to the guests.  There was quite a  long line for this station, so I had to get this shot off quickly.  DSC02228The fun continues tomorrow, so get up there early to get good parking.  All the lots were filled when I was leaving and folks were parking on the road.  The more the merrier.  There is also a band playing over on Chickadee in the afternoon, so stay and enjoy the music while sitting on the grass.  It won’t be long now and we will be back in the thick of it.  There are hints of the colors changing already.  Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!!

3 Responses to “QUICK CHANGE”

  1. marie says:

    All that love Oktoberfest …… be sure to write to the liquor commission and let them know to keep politics out of the fun.

  2. Bill C says:

    “I don’t even like to get close to this drop without snow. ”

    I thought I was the only wimp that felt that way…holy crap I can’t believe what the stuff we ski in the winter looks like in the summer. We must be crazy.

    Yes we are.

  3. Curtis Kreutzberg says:

    Great pics of Louie Guru. see you soon.

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