Pressure Drop

3-05-09 by dave

The bubble finally popped and the freshness arrived none too soon.   The faithful showed up to celebrate it’s arrival with much energy and hunger.  First tram went off without delay.  The new snow was very nice with just the right amount of resistance to help cushion the underlying harshness, but none the less it was fully there.  Folks, who did not read yesterday’s advisement, ran head long into that reefage at the top of the middle Cirque which caused some consternation when they hit the rocks.  OOPS !!!  The depth was quite a bit greater than I though I would find and that was a good thing.  Some aspects had slid leaving just the old surface exposed; those places were a bit tricky.  I ran into some areas where the bumps had formed  two days ago which caught me off guard and I dealt with the thrashing.  OH! my knees.   Areas opened up in fine fashion and the crowd got spread out a bit .  Tomorrow should  be a bit more consistent and soft on the groomers but off trail will still be harboring some interesting crustulation.  The forecast is for more snow and cold so the overall conditions will improve markedly by the day,  Stay tuned !!!

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