Let It Snow

3-06-09 by dave

Excellent grooming overnight straightened out the overall inconsistency of the old and new making the morning session rather delightful.  Overcast skies with light snow did not pose any visability problems.  The wind was rather quiescent at the peak but still the morning peak temp was 6 degrees.  I dressed for cold weather and that was a plus.   Light traffic for the first hour let vertical accumulate  until 10:30 AM when a large group arrived and briefly swelled the tram line but was back to walk ons by noon.  The off trail conditons remained quite challenging with the bump template firmly reliefed under the new snow.  The west facing remains very crusty below so northern aspects should be sought out.  Mineral remains variable and a quick tour of the groomers is in order to get a good look at your best options.. Again, north facing is going to be the better option with a smoother complexion beneath the new product.  It was snowing briskly when I left and snow all night is predicted.   The rocks at the top of the middle Cirque are getting covered again, but only slightly, so use caution when you approach this area from the traverse.  The north trees are still soft with the new snow but profuse bumps remain so take that into consideration.   I am not a fan of bumps as you may have noticed.  Take care, enjoy the fresh snow and don’t let the gnar get you!!!  Out!

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