Days Days Days

3-04-09 by dave

There are days and there are days and this was one of those days.  Today had a skiff of flat light and 3 feet of wind,  much more than yesterday.  The third tram had trouble going off but finally did make the top but that was it, no more.  The wind was just off the charts.  Peruvian lift shut down and mineral closed and …well ,let’s just say thing were not going well.  The wind over night had further scoured the playing field and just wailed on some aspects.  The north east facing  shots benefited from this but only those shots.  All else was really firm.  The traverse  to the Cirque was blown totally clean to the rocks where the traverse meets the middle Cirque.  Probably 2′ of base has been removed there from very high pressure wind velocity.  There is a 2′ burm remaining on the very edge of the drop off zone so remember that when it gets covered with fresh product there is no buffer.  Total reefage!! Beware!!!  There was some nice crystal corn on the Peruvian groomers which was Ok and the wind deposited sections were smooth but had solidified , with just a thin covering of felt.  Reports , coming back from the  Zoom chair, were less than positive and the wind continued to howl.  For myself,  I took refuge on the Forklift chair and called it an early day .  Snowing in Nevada now, so the precip. is not too far off.   I am confident that we are in for some fun in the next bit so it is OK to rest up for it.   Strange days!!!

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