Square Root Day 3-3-09

3-03-09 by dave

Today started with 2”of flat light and 1 foot of wind.  Attendance on first tram was light with walk on trams there after.  The visibility was aided by the profuse scattering of pine cones ripped from the trees overnight.  This gave good definition over all but ,DANG, was it flat.  The temps overnight where balmy and the grooming had a very nice velveteen consistency.  I thought it would be bullet proof but I was wrong.  Good!!!  The wind was top to bottom but did not have anything to work with so the wind buff was scarce.  The off trail had only minimal amounts of soft collections and that was great but you had to be skiing a tight turney line to make good use of it.  The sun came out about noonish and the lower mountain was getting guish as one would expect with such warm temps.  Low overnight temps will make the lower mountain challenging in the morning so it is best to hit the groomers till softening occurs.  The big steep shots are still getting smoother with wind and wear and feel OK despite the prevailing situation.  New snow will be welcome and is promised by Mr. weather.  When?  Time will tell.   For now I am done and heading for the couch!!!

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