12-15-09 by dave

The Peruvian Gulch opened this Tuesday morning after a few of the first Trams unloaded.  The snow had been affected by the wind though it skied very smoothly.  The density gave the snow a buoyancy that kept  you on top .  Folks showed up in anticipation of the opening and were taking full advantage of the new range.  Lower Black Jack opened later after Noon presenting yet another option.  The snow out there was soft and consistent,   but I could not help but thinking what lie just beneath.  I chose to ignore the internal dialogue and punch it, there by letting me deal with those pesky aspens which I was skiing through.  With all the pressure off Regulator that gave the wind a chance to work it’s magic by depositing the sweetest sugar wall to wall.  Yeah we have been skiing Regulator for weeks, but sweet is sweet no matter which side its on.  The wind continued to buff it out.  With luck the wind will do some continued massaging of the surfaces giving us some more area to  put the polish on.  The Groomers were so good today after being worked by the Cat Crew.  Perfect carve-ability wall to wall, top to bottom.  Visibility was great all day long with some high clouds moving in later in the after noon flattening the vis just a touch.  Tomorrow will see continued smoothness on the  fresh groom job and off trail getting a lot more worked.  The hazards are becoming more apparent with the ski off.  Be cautious just a bit longer until the snags get exposed in the next few days. The Upper and Lower Cirque remained closed, I have not heard any word in that direction, however, I will pass that along as I get the info.  Things are really starting to shape up so take advantage of this pre holiday stretch where the snow stays good all day.  Ciao!!

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