12-16-09 by dave

Well, that certainly was strange.  I had just posted for the day, checked it out and moved on thinking about… whatever.  I came back and did a recheck and it was all gone.  So I will be re posting here again.  weird digital stuff.  Or was it ?   Wednesday morning was clear with the sun coming up.  1” of new covered the groomers making them incredible, with a carve-ability that is like butter.  Light wind did not disturb  the  consistency.  The upper Rat’s Nest gate opened today as well as the Cirque traverse.  Rat’s nest is good for now but will deteriorate rapidly.  There is quite a bit of loose scree under the new snow as you get in.  The snow consistency is a tad stiff and required  a direct line to move through it.   The Cirque traverse is in fair shape, but is very bony getting in.  Various vents are still in the middle section, so be careful  in those areas.   Extreme caution should be taken any where  west facing off the Cirque traverse.  The cover on the Peruvian groomers is really good with a dry chalky  feel.  Low sun angle and cold temps. are keeping the goods good all day.   Very light Tram traffic made a very relaxed atmosphere after the recent snow festivities .  Another Tango was in order on first Tram but there were no takers.  Tomorrow will be another strong day with early morning groomers hard to resist.  Light Tram traffic make the first ones so special.  There is now snow to the Tram deck level up on the peak, eliminating the stairs.  Always a nice touch.  See you early on first Bucket!!

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