11-22-16 by dave

After having finally been done with my recent tour fighting the Dark Matter Wars, and taking the time to get the Antenna Array dialed in here at the Trailer, I took a trip up to the Bird to see what this last impulse, which just blew through, brought to the hill.  Patience is a virtue, so I have  been patiently waiting for the season to get started.  Up on the hill the fresh coat of Essence is tantalizingly exciting, but it is not nearly enough to get rolling.  Here is a shot of the Peruvian Gulch I took from the Hellgate Slide area.  dsc04056While the upper two thirds of the hill look like it is filling in, the lower elevation is still very sparse and in need of quite a bit more cover.  It was rather brisk up there even though the Sun was shining brightly, and it made for a better look at the hill than the previous days.  The snow makers have the Guns blazing on the Gad side of the hill and you could see the clouds from the blast lofting up in the air.  Here is a shot looking up at the lower elevation of the Gad Valley from the Gad parking lot.  dsc04059There is another impulse predicted to come in for Wednesday and Thursday that may help the pack, and, if we are very lucky, will exceed the forecast for accumulation.  With a warm Great Salt Lake, anything is possible.  There is as yet no definitive opening date, but rest assured, the hill will open as soon as it is possible to do so safely for everyone.  Again, patience is a virtue and it will come as we seem to be in the flow, so I am going to go with it.  Have a happy holiday with family and friends.  Stay Frosty!!

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