11-26-16 by dave

I stepped out of the Star Gate late this afternoon after a trip to the other side of the Galaxy to visit the home planet.  I missed the opening day of the season, as when I left, things were not looking too promising, but, the Promise Of The Wasatch came through just in time. I lifted this shot by my good friend Hippy G from FB to give you an idea of the coverage.  I know he won’t mind, and I did call him for a personal blessing, but no answer.  Thanks G!!15253594_10207462253295859_92594794989508114_nThe inside information I was able to ascertain reported good coverage top to bottom on the main run that was open from the top of the Gad Zoom Chair.  The consistency was a bit firm due to the warm temps of recent days and the emphasis on man made snow on the main line.  That was a good thing, as it keeps the quality preserved for the next days.  The crowd was large as would be expected, but the High Speed Quad moved the faithful up the hill quickly.  Access from the Snowbird Center is available on the lower road as well as the shuttle.  The coverage is good there as well, with just a few rocks at the Wilbre Ridge corner on the Bass Highway on the return trip.  I will be there tomorrow to get a first hand look at the hill and I will have fresh pictures to share.  The forecast is looking very promising with snow tomorrow morning and a much more substantial installment coming in Monday=Tuesday.  If we get as much as they are predicting, that will go a long way in getting a lot more terrain open in the very near future.  See you there in the AM.  Take it easy on the one run and dial in some turns.  IBBY!!

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