11-18-22 by dave

The Faithful were lined up early this morning in anticipation of a great day, and they looked on the fresh lines above them with ideas of great turns. They were not disappointed. There was a DJ spinning music to stoke the atmosphere and there was SWAG available to commemorate the event. The Peruvian lift opened on time and, over on the Gad side of the hill, the scene was similar and filled with happy sliders. The cover on the hill was amazing, with the early storms delivering high density Spackle, which had really set up and was bomber. Soft granular fresh deposits were being added by the Snow Making efforts that were in effect top to bottom.

Mikey M laying down the first lines of the season on the Middle Cirque. It was as perfect as it looks.
Mark Harath also enjoying the rewards of his efforts to access this stash of Essence.
Doc taking his turn in the goods and making it look easy.

I was scoping out the coverage as I worked my way down the first run and there was plenty of cover on all the spots that are usually thin. The Faithful were having a blast, and the line thinned out quickly, offering hot laps as the folks got spread out on the hill.

Nate Nicholson sent this awesome shot of a halo around the Sun as the clouds moved quickly through.

Tomorrow, look for more fresh Essence to find as there was plenty left and there are lots of pockets to find. Expect great coverage to still be on tap as the base is just amazingly set up and not getting worked down at all. I was very cold today, and I expect it to be quite cold again tomorrow, so dress for the chairs. Watch for frost bite for sure. My fingers were frozen solid from taking them out of the gloves while taking my shots for the day. What a great opener and is the best one in many years. Straight Ahead!!

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