11-15-22 by dave

With a big installment added to the first snow of the season, there has been 90″ delivered YTD. I went up to the hill today to get a fresh look at the pack and it was stellar. The opening date has been moved up to Nov. 18, and it is going to be one of the best openings in recent memory. The snow making is going on around the clock on both sides of the hill, and the Red Tram car has been installed, so it is looking like it is good to go.

A long shot of the Peruvian Gulch at Noon with the snow guns blazing.
The Tram cables glistening in the Sun and amazing cover on the upper mountain is a stoke inspiring sight.

The Grooming crew has been busy getting the hill in shape and the lines down the Gad side of the hill have plenty of snow, so the opening day will be excellent with well worked lines to start things off. I am so stoked with the cold temps that have kept the snow making efforts constant and the snow back more stable. Looking forward to a great season. Get ready for fun. IBBY!!!

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