11-04-22 by dave

I returned a couple of weeks ago from my sojourn in the High Desert, where I was able to explore some of the fine points of stillness that I will be using in my approach to the fall line this season. I was able to get together with the gang to touch base and catch up with the happenings and get a look at the hill.

A recent shot of the hill with two storms of accumulation.

There have been a couple of new installments of Essence since this shot was taken and the hill is in good shape to take on the series of storms that is lined up for the next week.

The new Red Tram car rolling in just in time to get put on the cable for the season opener
We were having a great time catching up and prognosticating what the season would bring. I was right about the Comet too!!

I am excited to ride the new Tram cars as they seem a bit bigger, but that is just an illusion with all the glass and streamlined contours.

Very cool design with these new Tram cars. Top to bottom glass. Great views on all sides.

It is going to be a great season, with an excellent start, as the impulses keep coming on a regular basis and the temps are remaining cold. I’ll be posting now more as the opener gets closer. Stay Frosty!!!

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