11-22-17 by dave

A great turn out of The Faithful was on hand for today’s opening. The energy was electric as everyone waited for the opening bell. It was like home coming with all the familiar faces ready to start the new Season. Lot’s of folks were getting into the festive spirit of the day. The coverage was quite good and the Snowmakers and Cat Crew did a great job covering the run top to bottom. I did not hit any rocks on any run I took, but off the established area was a bit dodgy and I avoided any thin looking sections. The consistency was very spring like granular, with a silky feel that made turning smooth and silky, but it is going to take a while for my legs to get dialed back in to the top to bottom pace. The entire run was Super Supervised top to bottom by the Patrol and Safety Patrol. Folks seemed to be quite polite and the flow kept things moving down the hill. I left at 11 AM. and got ready to make a fast trip to the Home Planet for the holiday festivities. I will off Planet for the next few days, so I will not be able to post due to the Static of the Quantum Foam. Here is a parting shot of Baldy and Wilbre Bowl from the bottom of the Canyon. Tomorrow, expect similar conditions to today, as the warm temps continue. The pack should hold up, but watch for the obvious thin spots and it will be good to go. See you on the Flip Flop. “Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce” as Joeman the Snowman would say!!!

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