10-30-17 by dave

I used the August Eclipse as a time marker to make my reentry to the current time line, when I made my final escape from the on going Dark Matter Wars. I could no longer maintain the continuity of of Center. I am now back and ready to encounter a new season and by all indications, it is going to be a stellar one indeed. I have been looking at the long range forecasts and many of the more arcane indicators, which all seem to point solidly at a full dose of Essence. I went up to the hill the other day to check out the accumulation of the early September impulse. It has all melted off the direct aspects, but is still lurking on the High North aspects and will be there until it gets flushed out with the first dumps. New snow making has been added on sections of the hill, and a new Winch Cat has been added to the fleet, so we can expect some excellent Hydro Velvet offerings on the steep sections. The US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame is offering a full season pass to Alta for the upcoming ’17/’18 season. The price for an Alta Pass is $1199, but this Tax Deductible contribution to the cause is being offered at $999. So for those of you that have not yet got your full boat pass for the season at Alta, here is your chance to get a sweet deal. Call Stacy at the US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame at 719 362 6038. I will be posting more often now that we are getting close to the opening. I have got The Trailer all ready for the season in it’s spot adjacent to the horse corral, and I am looking forward to my special time with the critters. Stay Frosty!!

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