11-15-12 by dave

It was clear and cold this morning for the opening with the main runs worked, and corduroy providing a fun time for all the seekers who showed up for the opening day.   The coverage was very nice overall with very few rocks on the few main runs that were open off of Gad Zoom.  Seeing everyone back from the Summer adventures was great, trading quick snippets of story until more time was available, but it was time to rock and roll.  Folks were coming out hitting it hard,


going big in a small space, so over the shoulder vigilance was mandatory.  Off the groomed areas  was covered, but the hazards were lurking and those traversing those areas were finding it.  I saw some heinous wipe outs in these areas under the chair where the off trail was being worked.   Care should be taken and as the “Chef” shared;   ” Never get out of the boat.” a line he gleaned from the movie Apocalypse Now.   I thought it was appropriate as the rumble out there was tricky, which is not to say don’t go, but use caution when venturing off trail.  Tomorrow will offer more of the same, though I think the attendance will back off a bit.  They are trying to get the Tram open for Saturday, so one more day of warm up for the larger picture later.   The Sun was out and the air warmed up by 11:00AM when I was able to put the top down and just go with sun glasses and no hat.  Nice!!  It will be very nice sliding again in the morning so plan on fun.   See you there for first chair.  Peace Out!!

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  1. Erik Albert says:

    “Never get out of the boat!”

  2. Tom and Betty says:

    Hi Dave,

    Welcome back!! Looking forward to living the dream once again. See you in January.


  3. SomeGuy NamedJoe says:

    Could be a groovalicious year.

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