11-12-12 by dave

Peruvian Gulch

I drove up to the Bird today to have lunch and lock and load the locker for the season.  There is a lot of snow for the opener, with the cats working the groomers to pack it down.  The off trail looks covered, but there are still snag and surprises off the beaten path.  Still it is much better looking than I thought it would look.   I was told by the highest authority that there will be a limited opening on Thursday  with Gad Zoom, Wilbre, and Chickadee providing the lift access.  They will try to get the Tram going as soon as they can.  Here is a fresh shot of the hill from the Canyon Road, where I talked to a couple of hikers who had just come down Little Superior who said it was quite nice indeed.  The Snow Guns are working full time with the expanded water handling capacity covering the high traffic and knobby knoll areas to keep the bottom from cropping up.   Clouds have moved in this afternoon, so perhaps we will get some more impulses coming through off the Lake.  This will be a great opener and the most snow I have seen for the opener for many years.  Get ready for great year.  IBBY!!!

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