11-16-12 by dave

Lure of the Essence

It was overcast and mild with a light turn out for today’s festivities.  The markedly warmer temps. made the snow pack seem a bit less  compressed, with the machine worked areas offering some nice velvet.   The light was so flat that you had to look deep into the field to see the variations where the terrain features are in high relief.  Off trail things are settling out revealing much of the sub surface features.  Here is a shot of the Land Sharks swimming just under the snow surface just waiting for someone to venture into the area.  You might get through unscathed, and perhaps not.  The Sun peaked out for just a second so I was able to get this shot in hi definition.  As the day wears on the sides of the main runs maintains some of the soft snow that is getting kicked off, so look for the edges to soften the ride without having to go far afield.  Tomorrow, look for the Tram to open with Chips and Regulator to be in play, but the cover still remains thin, so be aware of the areas you go into.   Remember the grassy areas that were looking so verdant last Summer.  The forecast is for more unsettled weather, so the visibility could be variable again.  It will be great to hit it from the top and ride the Tram with all the electricity focused in one place.   The quads are nice, but the energy vibe on the Tram is unique.   See you there for the first Boat of the season.   Also, watch the black ice  in the bottom of the canyon, as I saw numerous indications of folks who blew into the ditch. BE aware!!!    IBBY!!

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