3-20-15 by dave

Today was the first day of Spring and it was all of that and more.  Another cold night had provided a hard freeze, but the peak temp. was 32 Degrees when the First Tram hit the peak.   Out in Mineral Basin, the tenderizing lines had been prepared, offering the corduroy goodness for those first few runs before it got cut up.  Those 3” deep granular carpets are hard to beat.  The morning traffic was drawn back there, and a fair line built up, however, the line moved quickly.  On the front of the hill, tenderizing efforts were available as well, though the folks who waited to start later in the morning were not disappointed.  The break was going to be long in coming, but after Noon lines were developing a bit more tooth.  By the mid afternoon the softness became consistent overall and the turns were much easier to dial in.   Here is a shot I took a couple of days ago of an interesting cloud formation that was hung over the Twins.  DSC02693Tomorrow, look for another solid freeze on the hill.  Mineral Basin will be offering those corduroy  lines that will be good for the first hour.  Look for tenderizing efforts on the front of the hill as well, but it will take the break in the freeze to make that consistency a sorbet delight.   Spring conditions are another of the many faces of the season and can be counted on to offer another level of perfect.  Perfect is where you find it.  The High North is still holding the cold as the pack has not absorbed the day time warmth, so you can get that cold chalk that is still worth a look see.  Some of the more remote High North lines are beginning to smooth out now, and I was tempted to check them out, but that will have to wait until Sunday.  I will be taking the day off tomorrow, so you can have my share.  Peace Out!!


  1. marie says:

    It was a fun day ! Great spring day at the Bird. The Reggae Bank on the Plaza Deck made hanging out fun and festive. Thank you Dos X Beer for sponsoring the Spring Concert Series on Fridays !! All we need is a taco cart parked on the Plaza Deck !!

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