3-21-15 by dave

The strange weather continues as the temps. were warmer still, with the temp. here at the Trailer hitting 74 Degrees.  There is no doubt that the Big Return is now in full on effect.  Here is a shot of a prime example of the melt off as this was taken at 10400′. DSC02109 Of course, I am still holding the visualization of blower powder still to come, and in this place that is a fair expectation.  Up on the hill, the Groomers were the place to be for the morning session, but it would have to wait a while for the off trail to soften up, where the South and West faces are becoming spring time happening.  It will require  your best route finding, but good lines are available later in the afternoon.  The High North is still holding up, but with these very warm temps. that may change.  I will keep you posted on the changes as they happen.  Tomorrow, look for another day of Spring conditions, with those early morning Groomers to be offering some corduroy that does not last long.  Depending on the overnight temps., the break will be around Noon, with those West and Lower North faces taking quite a bit longer to come around.  I had a great day getting things ready for this coming week.  I will see you for the first Tram.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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