5-10-13 by dave


It was much warmer this morning, letting me put the top down and go with just the sunglasses and a light windbreaker.  Mineral Basin was already good to go, with nice lines thanks to the Grooming crew.  The front of the hill had frozen up lightly, but still needed a bit of time for the break to go off.  The Forklift Chair was waiting for me, and when I returned to the hill all systems were GO.   Regulator was perfect sorbet sweetness that felt like back country corn.  The Peruvian Gulch was also offering that corn goodness on the smooth Groomers that had only minimal cookies that melted away with the warmth.  The hard corps crew was lapping the Tram, getting the goodness on the lower mountain until it began to get too soft.  The 392981_10200872896614518_951853634_nconsistency stayed nice up high, and the Little Cloud Chair was the go to lift after Mineral Basin got too soft.  There was a great band on the plaza in the afternoon, making the spring plaza scene fun and entertaining.  Tomorrow, look for  another early break, with the residual cold in the snow firming up the front side of the hill.  Sunshine is promised for the morning session, so the break will be fast and sweet during that window that delivers the sweet sorbet excellence.  Here is a shot of the Jammie Jammers, who were suited up for fun and really laying down the LAW!!!    Keep an eye out for the Powder Mafia, who are going to be on the hill and rocking out.  See you there for the fun.   IBBY!!

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