5-09-13 by dave

It was a beautiful morning with much warmer temps. to start the day.  Mineral Basin was offering the goods right out of the chute and, with the low attendance, made the hill seem like a private resort.  The front side of the hill had a slight dusting from an overnight impulse that added a bit of tooth to the ride.  The Cat Crew did a great job of industrial smoothing, and they punched an extra special line on the lower section of Willows.  Once again,  I took advantage of the  early firmness to hit the Forklift Chair to let the front soften a bit.  At 10:15 AM. the corn goodness was back country perfect, and I kept hitting the top to bottom pace to get in as much as possible.  Regulator was also early to break, and the corn shavings were a delight, especially at the velvet break stage.  Yummmmm!   Harper’s East was also a revelation that kept delivering well toward Noon.  Clouds began to build in and some quick showers began to fall, but moved through very quickly.  Here is a shot of some exquisite corn goodness out in the far reaches, where I sojourned in search of the goods.  It was short but sweet and certainly worth the exploration, but the machine worked steep lines offered similarly excellent quality, so why go to such lengths when the goodsDSC01500 were close at hand.  Tomorrow, look for another great morning, with the hill still holding up nicely, the Groomers smooth treats, and a morning with very little traffic.  The break time should be similar, so don’t be late, as the window is short and mostly over by Noon for the high quality corn conditions.  See you for the fun in the AM.  Syrup won’t stop ‘ Em!!!

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