3-03-11 by dave

Well, the storms are lined up for quite some time to come, and today’s installment rolled up the Canyon like a freight train, bringing near white out conditions with the intensity of the snow fall.  The wind was certainly working hard, filling in certain aspects, as well as the Cirque Traverse, that was getting filled in between the chop, improving the ride despite visibility.  The Groomers were covered with a few cm. of fresh, which made them silky smooth and chargable, keeping the stoke factor revved up .  As the front continued to hammer the hill, a fair accumulation of medium density frosting began to cushion some of the rumble.  I did not venture into Mineral Basin, but there were reports of  milk bottle visibility within the vast expanse of featureless terrain.  I was staying close to the trees and rock bands to keep reference points close for the reflected light.  I was also going back to the smooth shots that I was working yesterday, so I trusted the ride, and only ran into interference when I ventured out of my memory designated lines.  Tomorrow, look for continued accumulation of medium density frosting, as this flow is coming out of the West, and will be developing a cushion to mitigate the overall complexion that we have been dealing with recently.  Mineral Basin will also be favored by the flow pattern and lack of traffic, providing some of the deeper accumulations, so keep an eye on the opening there for an escape from crowds on the front side. This storm is delivering impulses intermittently, as opposed to a straight up dump, which will keep freshening the dance floor, and keep things open while the traffic compacts the delivery.  The hill has got full on cover, and there are very few spots that present problems.  There is some wind stripped rock bands poking up where the Cirque Traverse intersects the East facing shots, so approach the edge with caution to avoid a core shot or worse.  Be sure to check the road report in the AM. for access, but I don’t anticipate any problems along those lines.  Here is a shot of Mary Ellen Gulch that I took yesterday before the clouds moved in.  This area could be the FUTURE.  We can only dream!!!   Peace Out

Mary Ellen Gulch

5 Responses to “NEXT DUMP”

  1. Tom says:

    saw you on your way out from the first tram as you were climbing the steps. Thought we might see a photo.

  2. Joe Snow says:

    where is marl ellen gulch?

  3. dave says:

    Mary Ellen Gulch is the next Gulch South of Mineral Basin. That shot was taken from Sinner’s Pass, which is straight out the Traverse beyond the Hilary Step. If you go out to the saddle and peer into the Gulch you will get the full panorama. Yummmm!!!

  4. George and Lisa Lewis says:

    Re: Mary Ellen Gulch

    There is no stopping Dick’s dream for the future:

    “Keeping one step in front of the other;
    But know beyond any doubt
    That’s what success is all about”

  5. dave says:

    I did post 2 shots from my sojourn to Sinners Pass. One of the Andromedan scout ship, and the other of May Ellen Gulch. I will post some of the other shots in the near future.

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