3-04-11 by dave

Well, the weather man was seriously wrong in the forecast for today, and the precipitation estimate that we were expecting.  We were, however, treated to a beautiful day , which included some very nice medium density accumulation to cushion the ride wall to wall.  The West wind had transported some of the new snow to the North facing aspects, where the faithful found delightful depth on top of wind buffed slab.  The first Trams were lightly attended, but the faithful showed up by 10:00Am.  The day remained cold, even though the Sun was working hard to bump up the temps, and the direct exposures did not really take that much of a beating.  The depths varied  greatly by exposure, but there was smooth consistent accumulation where ever you went.  As the crowd got spread out, the Tram line abated significantly, making the round trips quick and easy.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to offer some SIZZLING fun right out of the chute, and the off trail will still be soft and rewarding, though there is still a very firm base beneath that does not seem to be presenting any serious ride issues.  The High North facing aspects are still the smoothest choices, and will continue to hold up despite the traffic.  I stayed late today, taking advantage of the rapid Tram pace and great snow conditions.  A few posts ago I put up a shot of Old Reliable from the cat track looking up.  I had many folks ask where that was, so I took this long reference shot today of that pitch to give it context.  This shot also gives you an idea of just how steep it is in reality, as the shot looking up makes it look flat;  it is not as you can see.  See you Sunday!!! IBBY!!


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