10-27-11 by rob

That first smattering of snow early in October did not get me too interested, as early snow like that can be problematic.  Some friends of mine got some nice turns in the high grassy spots, and the snow got The Faithful thinking in the right direction, but the return to a dry pattern calmed my apprehension.  Right On Time the pattern changed, with a nice cold front moving through the Front leaving the hills once again frosted.  This time, the timing reflects a much better scenario for a good launch into the season.  More storminess is on tap for later this week, the snow guns are working to develop a head start, building up the cushion on those pesky main run reef sections.  I am feeling much better about the prospects now.  I have been experiencing some computer problems due mainly by my ignorance of some of the obscure details of data entry, so I found myself at a loss as to how to get things going again. But, now I have the lion’s share of the issues resolved, leaving only some hardware details to wrestle with.   I have been assisting The Chef in fabricating another pair of WINGS, as his flight with my pair last season really got his attention, so we set up a makeshift work area in his garage and struggled our way through the process.  The highlight was the first fire up of the Hot Wire, which was a Darwinian exercise  setting off circuit breakers, and me holding the vibrating surge of Juice as it lit the wire on fire.  Wow!!!  That would have certainly made for an interesting back page news item  ” How could they be that stupid”!!!  Needless to say I survived the experiment and we took a more Low Voltage approach to the problem, getting much more realistic results.  So I will not be the only one pushing the boundaries of intense excitement this season with funny looking silver things in his hands.  I will be making much more frequent posts as we get closer to opening, now that I have some of the computer problems ironed out.  Be patient, keep the visualizations going, and get those tools waxed.   IBBY!!!   P.S. this is posted on Nov. 1 and the post date on the site reflects problems I was having.  My Bad!!

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  1. Hi Dave: Great reports and keep them coming! I now have my new website complete just in time for a series of light to moderate snow events for the Wasatch this week into the weekend and another good looking storm later next week! I am going to put your link on my website soon. Is there a chance of adding a powderchaser forecast link somewhere on Guru? I will add you to our links as well.

    http://www.powderchasers.com The Powderchaser of Snow!

  2. Mind boggling indeed. I can’t wait for the book either. I remember the first time I read a book by James and thought that if Austen were going to write a mystery, it would read like James.wow gold

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