11-06-11 by dave

The BIG CYCLE has returned again as the storm track  began moving though the Front.  There have been some Face Book shots of powder at Alta posted with glowing reports of goodness.  That is really good news as we move toward the opening dates.  Snow making is still being pushed hard, and along with the natural installments should give us something nice to work with.  There is another impulse moving through tonight, with a predicted 10″ accumulation, so we are well on the way as the Essence returns from it’s long and morphogenic course.  If snow flakes could talk it would be interesting to hear of the travels and adventures as it made it’s way around to arrive again just in time!!  I was going to go up and get a shot today, but the clouds were hanging on the peaks, so there would not be any really good photo op.  As soon as the Sun breaks out I will get a fresh shot of the hill.  I did get some shots of the last two prime coats, but they just seemed so thin that I wanted to wait for a more exhilarating image.  We seem to be in the flow zone now, so I am amping up my visualizations.  Please add to my efforts, as the more mind focusing the better.  More soon.  IBBY!!!

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