11-15-11 by dave

The beginning of the Season is just days away.   It is hard to believe that is is here so soon.  It seem we were watching the water boil down the Canyon yesterday.  The hill is looking marginally covered on the off trail, but a new storm for the weekend looks like it will bring the necessary fortification to make things much nicer.  Snow making is going on regularly covering those trouble spots.  The machine worked areas look pretty well covered down low, but be aware of some of the variation.  Speaking of variations, the off trail is in full relief,  the hard terrain features are unforgiving, so keep that in mind with your line choice.  I am going to try to get some more detailed info, so stay tuned for updates.   It is shaping up nicely!!      On another note;  I would like to express condolences to Jamie Pierre’s family at his passing this week.  It is a tragic loss of such a great representative of the spirit of Free Ride.  He will be greatly missed.   Be Well all!!

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