9-07-11 by dave

The air had a snap to it overnight, so there seemed to be  a distinct movement toward Fall.  Even the green in The Canyon is beginning to show subtle motions in the color direction.  All the indications are showing the gradual movement into the Essential Season.   I was visiting the inimitable CHEF the other day, and we began talking about our first years at The Bird in the mid 70’s.  Just like all who have the DREAM and come to this area, we were all drawn to the folks who resonated at a similar frequency.  We would jump off the Tram, throw our skis down, and blaze a dusty trial to the waiting next Bucket.  This loose association of dreamers were colloquially know as Team Sizzle, because we were, well, SIZZLING.  This association was not limited one small clique, but included everyone who did not want to lollygag.  All these years later the Collective Consciousness  of the Faithful have embraced the Soul of  Team Sizzle.  Now, I realize that that is a long time ago, and the folkloric significance has been lost, but the spirit is alive and charging every day on a level that I am blessed to watch wherever I look.

High Orbit

I have spent this Summer enjoying my release from the ongoing Dark Matter Wars, which has given me the opportunity to visit the Home Planet on numerous occasions.. I have taken shots with my trusty camera of my coming and going, always blown away by the beauty of the terrain.  Going there always gives me a fresh perspective on the Winter Season, as there is no Winter on this orb, so moving back and forth is always a treat to be once again immersed in the Essence. 

Fluid Dreams

So the season approaches with the same rapidity that we moved through last season.  There is no stopping Time, in fact it is moving faster as we move forward, so don’t blink!!  Enjoy the SHIFT as we move ahead, and dream dreams of Awesomnicity!!!   Be well, Be happy, and Dont’ Forget To SIZZLE!!

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  1. George L. Lewis, IV says:


    Your post is thought provoking.

    While there is no stopping time, your actualized dreams have perpetualized the folkloric significance of Team Sizzle!

    The soul of skiing helps restore our spirit(s) as we climb upward to the next basecamp.

    Lisa and I look forward to seeing you at the planetary office.

  2. George L. Lewis, IV says:

    Re: The Power of our Dreams

    “From My Perspective” – by Dick Bass (Seven Summits)

    “The feats of this story
    To gain self, not glory,
    Recount an adventure
    Which spurned man’s indenture.

    It’s the fabric of life,
    Full of pleasure and strife;
    Woven with hopes and fears,
    Much laughter, some tears.

    At times grueling, even boring, brother,
    Keeping one step in front of the other;
    But know beyond doubt
    That’s what success is all about.”

    To be continued…

  3. Ryan Dunyon says:

    Great blog. I just found you but will be checking in regularly as the ski season gets underway. I run Utah Mountain Shuttle, providing transportation in the canyons. I will keep an eye on your site this winter. Keep it up!

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