10-01-11 by dave

I spent the last week bringing The Trailer down from the High Desert, after what seemed like a two week Summer.  The TRANSMISSIONS were coming in loud and clear the entire time, so I am fully downloaded with more Useless Information to mull over the Winter months.  I will be getting the antenna array aligned in the next few days to keep an eye on the Cosmic goings on, but for the next bit  I will be dialing in the pre season vibe that is beginning to build in a big way.  The fall colors at The Bird are as intense as I have ever seen, and if I had remembered my camera I would have taken a shot, but…… NO!!.  The weather forecast is talking about a shift in the pattern to a wet and persistent system to move in later in the week.  There has been much speculation about a post record setting season hitting again, and I have seen old ladies in Wendover hit two big jackpots in a row on numerous occasions.  So,  Mother Nature, pull the lever and see what comes up!!!  I am betting on GREATNESS prevailing personally, so we will see how that little visualization turns out.  To the Faithful, turn on that inner imagery now and be part of that LARGER collective imagination, which was instrumental in bringing last year’s bonanza!!!  I am doing my part. Here is shot I took from the front deck of The Trailer of a curious cloud feature, and after looking at the image I noticed a CRAFT dematerializing, which seemed to have left a cryptic message  ” SNOW POWER” on my monitor.  It took me a while to put 2+ 2 together but that was the same bunch.  Go figure!  Here are more images I have been producing as of late.  No hands have touched this, it is purely Universe driven, and you gets what you gets, and that is what makes it so darned interesting.

They're here!!

No Hands

Late Afternoon

Snow is on the way very soon, and I will keep you posted on developments as they arise..  I did not mention the light dusting a couple weeks ago, so as not to jinks it.   Be Well, Dream Hard, and I’ll Be Blasting You!!

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