1-02-11 by dave

The morning was 15 degrees warmer for the early risers, who were treated to a hairs breath of ultra light dust on perfectly groomed velvet.   Expanded grooming efforts made the lower mountain  extra fun,  with the last 1000′  being steep, soft, fast, and buffed.  I just love that ultra perfection that has the consistent carve-ability that makes one feel heroic.  The Sun was out, shedding light on the far reaches, enticing forays out to the perimeters, where the wind has started to smooth and firm some of the North East facing sections.  The Book Ends looked great, and were smooth and velvety, but gave way to some breakable slab on the lower elevations.  The crud has set up quite a bit, requiring a a determined approach to the line to keep the tips moving where you point them.  Tomorrow look for continued smoothness on the  groomers, and continued development of the off trail lines as they are broken in by the traffic.  I think the big crowds are backing off with the fresh snow worked over, so big vertical is easy to access with walk on Trams. The Sun should be with us again,  with the temperatures staying moderate.   I don’t think my face could take much more of that severe cold.   See you there dark and early for more of the ultra buff!!!   Peace Out!!

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