8-28-13 by dave

The colors a really beginning to show signs of changing, and it won’t be long until the fall colors are painting the hill with luxurious color wall to wall.  I went up for lunch today and get my locker all set up for the season.   I was able to take a ride on the new Mountain Coaster that will be available for the public again this weekend.  It as quite a ride I must say, with the course going through the woods both up and the better part of down.  If you let it run it really dials in the G FORCE effects, and it goes much faster than I thought it would.  The other cool feature is how very quiet it is going along the rails.  I has rubber wheels so you are flying along almost silently.  If you avoid the breaks, which I recommend for maximum effect, the last big looping turns at the bottom are down right thrilling.   The buggy goes faster with two riders, but I was alone, so next time I am going with a friend to get the full effect.   It almost feels like your flying as it is so smooth and quiet.  Nice feature for the Summer fun activities.  Octoberfest is in full swing with a large selection of beer and food, with music in two venues, and a large area of vendors with art, jewelry, clothing etc. for shopping.  Here is a shot of the Mountain Coaster Buggy waiting to hit take me to the top.  Be sure to get up there for the fun.  There are also great deals on ski gear in the shops, so stock up on what you need for the season.  It won’t be long now.  Peace Out!!DSC01585

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