9-20-13 by dave

There was a distinct snap and crisp to the morning air as I poked my head out of the trailer this morning.  It really felt like Fall for the first time, with just a day or so until the official end of Summer.  Up on the hill the colors are moving quickly to the colorful mosaic that will soon cover the slopes like a Persian carpet.  One of the traditions of this time of year is the annual gathering of Team Sizzle to talk about the 37 years that have passed since we all first met that year of the Drought.  We have certainly grown older, but we remember being in our 20’s like it was yesterday and it does seem like yesterday.  Pictured here is George Pasvantes,  Kurt Kreutsburg, Dave Harrison, Dan Knope, myself, and Chuck Graham.  These folks were the very first people I met out on the hill those first days of flailing my way down the hill, not having any idea about where I was.  We all had just a vague idea of the terrain and we explored the limits of intense excitement that first season and for years after.  Having spent all these years here, I continue to see groups of new arrivals gravitate into similar Karmic clusters, where they share the joy and support the unfolding of the experience of being here and finding the WAY.   For those who are coming, and those who have been here for some time, might check out my book Snowbird Secrets available on Amazon. com if you click on the Cover Art at the top of the site.  It deals with the many insights I have pondered after spending a very long time digging the deep.  Be sure to get up to Octoberfest and enjoy the festivities, brew, activities, and colors on the hill.  The long range forecast is looking encouraging, so begin your best visualizations for the coming season, and see if we can’t manifest a whopper.  We deserve it.    Get ready for fun.  IBBY!!!IMAG0148

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