5-16-14 by dave

There was a very light turn out for the 8:00AM opening of the Peruvian Chair this morning.  There was a warmth to the air that said Spring, but that warmth did not fully freeze the snow pack.  Mineral Basin was offering some back country smooth corn goodness, but the off trial was only barely supportable, and a heavy edge set would break the crust.  A smoozed turn would keep you on top, and if you thought light, you would reap the rewards of a smooth feeling delight. Here is a shot of the excellent cover during the first descent down Lupine Loop.  The Road to Provo also was calling with perfectly smooth lines out there.   I made a couple of laps out there, but the very thin crust was very fragile, and did not last long before the warmth made it unsupportable.  The Groomers out there were very nice and was the place to stay if the off trail lost the support.  Later in the day, the warmth made the pack more consistent, but the sticky factor was in full effect as the warmth affected the pack.  Here is a shot of  The Rasta Chutes looking pristine as I made my way up the Little Cloud Chair for the second lap.  Tomorrow, look for another light freeze, so getting there early will get you the best of the day with very little traffic.  The cover is excellent, and the cover back to the base is excellent as well with grooming to get you there in style.  Watch the off trail down on the lower elevations as it is unsupportable and is not recommended.   See you there for the morning goodness.  Stay Frosty!!DSC02120DSC02122

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